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Honestly....Are We Being Honest?

I think everyone reading this has been in the same position that I've been in. You're job searching and you see a job posting that seems interesting but maybe the posting isn't clear about the hours or the salary range is essentially listed as $65,000 to $1,200,000. And of course with your qualifications you're OBVIOUSLY at the high end of that range.

I get so frustrated seeing these postings not only back when I was job hunting but they really infuriate me as an HR Consultant. We, meaning HR, meaning business owners, need to ensure honesty and transparency when it comes to recruiting rather than posting an all encompassing job that's more vague than anything. Full disclosure about the details of an open position will help you to attract the right person and helps cover the things that I consider "non negotiatables" for example rates of pay, hours, location, etc. In turn, that allows the individual doing to hiring to focus the conversation on fit and experience.

Here are some tips to improve the applicant process and make your job easier in hiring.

  • Be clear about what the position entails, this includes rate of pay, travel requirements, etc. Have accurate and up to date job descriptions!

  • Don't be afraid to share feedback to candidates who don't get selected.

  • Try to stick to the promised timeline. If you tell a candidate they will hear back from you by Friday, follow through.

Being in the job market is challenges, and being in the market to hire is equally as challenging! But honesty between candidates and potential employers will certainly help bridge that gap!

Happy hiring!

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