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How to Gracefully Turn Down an Interview

This job market is ROUGH for businesses. I've never seen so many candidates commit to an interview and then no show. Not a text. Not an e-mail. Not a phone call. Nothing. And each time it never ceases to amaze me. I know part of that is my own values and ethics that I'm imposing on others but c'mon people.

It's okay to say "I've had a change of heart," or "I've had another opportunity come up." I promise you employers would much prefer that morsel of respect rather than a no call no show.

Here are some tips when you need to turn down an interview, and to make sure you do it gracefully.

1. Give Enough Time

As soon as you know it's not going to work, say something. Send an e-mail or make a phone call. It's the adult thing to do. Give the potential employer enough time to communicate to other parties that were supposed to take part in the interview.

2. You Don't Have to Apologize

Don't say you're sorry. You truthfully don't even have to explain yourself or give a reason if you'd rather not.

3. Don't Burn a Bridge

I will always say this, you never want to burn a bridge with any potential or current employer because they may at some point be a future employer. You may not think that the company is the right fit RIGHT NOW but what about the future? Who knows, two years from now you might be in a different place and the company might have the perfect fit.

4. Don't Expect a Response

HR and Recruiting is a really, really busy field. When you send the "no thank you" email, you may not get a response, but it doesn't mean much. Once a recruiter receives that e-mail, they are on to the next candidate. It doesn't mean they're appalled by the situation or are crafting a nasty e-mail response.

I give people a lot of credit who do this. It shows character and respect for not only yourself but for the business.

Happy job hunting friends!

- D

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