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Ask a Boss: Can my boss reject my resignation?

For the most part, no. The only exceptions to this rule are if you are employed on a contract basis and are attempting to resign before the time stipulated in that contract, or if your employer has specific requirements detailed in your employment agreement about resignation procedures (i.e. Two week’s notice, resignation in writing, etc.). It should be noted though that no company policy regarding resignation actually prohibits an employee from resigning or gives the right to the employer to demand an employee to stay. You don’t technically have to give two weeks’ notice, for example, but it is certainly good practice to do so.

Resignations can bring up anxiety and emotion for both parties involved. In order to mitigate burnt bridges and misunderstandings, it is advisable for employees to review and follow their company’s resignation procedures and do whatever they can to make the transition easier on their coworkers and supervisor(s). For employers, it is important to remember that employees, for the most part, do have the right to leave employment at any time and even if they don’t do it in a way that aligns with best practice, it is not their place, nor should it be their focus, to reject a resignation.

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