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Don't Quit Until You Have an Offer in Writing...Here's Why

You’ve gotten the call. The employer that you interviewed with last week has offered you the job and you are so.dang.excited. You accept and your next call is to your current employer to put in your notice. You’re moving full steam ahead with the next step in your career.

It May Be Legally Required

Certain states such as Connecticut, actually requires an offer be made in writing and that the offer includes rate of pay, hours work and the pay period. An employer that is required to put an offer in writing and doesn’t is perhaps a sign of a risky employer.

Written Confirmation of Your Negotiation

Everything that you may have negotiated on (salary, vacation, benefits, flex time, work equipment) you want to make sure you have in writing. During the offer phase there can be a lot of things thrown around and you want to make sure you receive all the things you were promised when you accepted.

It’s the Professional Thing to Do

Sending a candidate an offer in writing gives the message that you’re moving on to a professional company. It’s an opportunity for you to get a glimpse into their onboarding process as well.

Of course there is the legal component of it as well. It’s a lot harder for the offer to be rescinded if it’s in writing which doesn’t happen a lot but it can. It serves as proof that you were actually offered a job in the event things fall through.

The bottom line is never resign from your job without an offer from a future employer. Don’t let excitement overtake the responsible part of you.

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