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Mental Health Resources During a Pandemic

These are wild times for everyone. I don’t know that business owners/employers or the workforce could have prepared for where we are today. Each client that reaches out about the best way to process a lay off gets the same statement from me…”The more people you’re able to keep working, even if it’s just a few hours, the better it is for employees.”

The intrinsic value that working adds to people’s lives is something that’s not often spoken about. Given the large number of layoffs that are happening around the country combined with the general panic around current events, I’m significantly concerned about the mental health of employees. Below are some resources for you, your co-workers, your friends, that can support positive mental health while in quarantine.

Employee Assistance Program

Check with your employer to see if you have an Employee Assistance Program. I hope that your HR department is sending out info about an EAP if you have one every other day but just in case they aren’t, look into it. An EAP is typically a free support service for employees to help with subjects such as finances, legal concerns, drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health concerns. A lot of EAP’s will connect you with a mental health provider a number of times before you get charged for anything.


Headspace offers online meditation services to help combat stress and anxiety. They are offering free Headspace Plus for people working in healthcare as well as compiling a variety of resources regarding stress management and work.


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a number of free resources as well as a National Helpline if you are in crisis.

Getting rest, fresh air and moving your body are all positive ways to stay well during this unprecedented time. There are a number of other resources available, many of them free which you can take advantage of. Reach out if you need help, you’re not alone in this.

Take the best care of yourself as you possibly can if you’re out of work and know that this is temporary.

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