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The End of Year HR Checklist You Need

The end of the year can be a crazy time in Human Resources between end of year audits, preparing for new laws and planning the company holiday party. When balancing everything it can be challenging to keep onto of it all but this End of Year HR Checklist will help to make sure you've covered all your bases as you head into the new year.


Get Updated Employee Information

Remind your current AND former (if you can) employees that their W2s will be available in January 2019 and they need to update their personal information. Make sure to get updated phone number, social security number, address and email. It can be expensive to duplicate W2s but you can get ahead of things by giving your employees the opportunity in December.

Prepare for Minimum Wage Increases

Rhode Island and Massachusetts both have minimum wage increases effective January 1, 2019. Now is the best time to audit your employee records to make sure you're compliant with the new updates. Don't worry Connecticut, there's no minimum wage increase for you this year!

Get Compliant with ACA Reporting

Employers with 50 or more full time employees are required to provide their employees with the form 1095C. These forms can be time consuming especially if you do them in house. Audit your health insurance records now so that completing the actual 1095C forms can be a breeze.

Review Your Employee Application

January 1 new Connecticut legislation takes effect banning questions about salary history on applications and in interviews. Check your employee application to make sure all illegal questions are removed and review with your hiring team to make sure they're aware of the new changes when interviewing.

Set Your HR Goals for 2019

Is it an I9 audit you want to tackle or implement more efficient on boarding is the time to set your goals and intentions for 2019. Think can you make a greater impact on your employees? How can you improve a challenging process?

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