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Three Reasons Your Employees Are Leaving

Is your business a revolving door with employees? Do you find that your constantly hiring just to make sure your staffed? Then this blog is for you. Here are three reasons your employees are leaving.

1. Their Basic Needs Aren't Met

Heard of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? Well it applies in employment as well. If your employees aren't having their basic needs met, they won't be able to stay employed by you. If you're making things harder on them, they'll be out of there so fast.

Pay your employees on time and try to pay them well. Communicate changes in schedule ASAP so they aren't rushing to find child care.

2. They Can't See the Forest Through the Trees

Bad day at work? Conflict with a co-worker? Some employees have bad days and can't move past the bad days turning into a bad job. One bad day leads to job searching which often leads itself to thinking a new job will mean greener grass.

Take honest moments with your employees to diffuse those bad days. Let them know that you hear them. You see them.

3. The Work Doesn't Make Them Feel Good

Feelings have a BIG place in the workplace. Employees will THRIVE if they feel like their position, the people they work with or the work they do gives life to their bones. If there's no emotion attached to their work, they will leave. I can't say when, but they will, simply because they don't connect to it.

Having employees is challenging for sure but keep at it. Keep working to find the right people for your team and giving them the best opportunities.

- D

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