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Why You Need to Add JAN to Your Employer & Employee Toolbox Today

Ask a Boss – What is the Job Accommodation Network?

Let’s talk about the Job Accommodation Network (better known as JAN).

The platform is offered to both employers and employees through the Office of Disability Employment Policy under the U.S. Department of Labor. This means users can trust that the information they find on JAN is not only accurate but legally compliant.

The network is a fantastic tool for HR professionals, business owners, and anyone who manages or employs people. It’s also a great resource for employees with disabilities.

One of the most helpful tools that JAN offers is its Accommodation Search. With this tool, employers and employees can look up potential accommodation ideas for a wide range of disabilities and limitations.

For our HR professionals and employers out there, JAN can help you find answers to questions you may have about your responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It’s also a great resource to find specific accommodations to help your employees with disabilities thrive in the workplace.

Employees with disabilities also have access to the network. They can use JAN to get both information about their rights under the ADA, and info on potential accommodations they can request.

Plus, you can search for work-related functions – like commuting or noise – and find ideas to help make your workplace environment more tolerable and friendly to those with various ability levels.

What We Love About JAN

The information you can get on JAN is extremely useful to all involved in the interactive process. Not only is it a great resource, but it’s a super user-friendly platform. One that provides trustworthy information about the ins and outs of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Making it an incredible tool in the employment process.

We highly recommend adding JAN to your toolbox! Explore the platform, and make good use of the valuable information offered.

But while JAN is a great tool, it does have its limitations.

If you find yourself dealing with a specific ADA-related employee situation – or if you need help drafting an accommodation request policy – more hands-on professional services may be needed.

At Boss Consulting HR, we’re here to help! We guarantee top-notch, personalized assistance and our team of HR consultants are well-versed in the law. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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