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What We're Watching | Week of August 8, 2022

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

What We're Watching, a weekly summary from the team at Boss Consulting HR, to highlight the ever-moving parts that is Human Resources.


Federal Updates

Under Threat – Decades of Joint-Employment Precedent

Browning-Ferris, the infamous joint employment case, has been sent back to the National Labor Relations Board. Last week, the federal court decided that the NLRB “improperly applied its standard” in its original decision and that the Board did not thoroughly explain its reasoning.

Reminder →

The standard set for joint employment has been under dispute for three presidential administrations and has undergone various iterations.

What You Need to Know:

There is concern that a new rulemaking – currently in the works – could pose an increased risk to the employer community. An anticipated “employee-friendly” rule may blur the line between standard business relationships and joint employment.

A new ruling could directly affect both how you hire and do business. We’ll have more concrete info for you on any changes once the agency makes an official ruling. For now, if you’d like to know more about the situation click here.

Is a Recession on the Horizon?

We want you to know what you can do now … and we’ve got resources to help.

At the end of July, it was announced that the economy has continued to decline for a second straight quarter. A turndown like this one brings concern over a possible recession to the forefront. Many small business owners are facing increased stress over this news, and are already dealing with the effects of inflation. You may be feeling it, but not to worry, there are things you can do right now to curb the effects of this downturn.

What You Can Do Now:

Fisher Phillips put out a great article this week that’s worth the read. For a quick review –

  • They’ve got four things you can do now to prepare your business for continued economic volatility and a possible recession.

  • If tension is heightened among your employees, the effects of inflation could be the cause. In the article, they offer three steps to ease your workers’ concerns.

Read the full article here.

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