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You Need an HR Community – We'll Show You How… and More Importantly, Why

Let’s talk HR Consulting.

There are tons of resources out there for HR in general, but there’s a gap in the market on how to actually run an HR business. Which makes it harder for you to do so, and heightens the barrier to entry.

We’re all too familiar with the feeling of … “Where do I even start?”

Which is why today we are lowering that barrier, and outlining the best resources we know of to help anyone looking to start their own HR consulting business. And to support those of you who are already providing top-notch HR consulting for small businesses.

Okay so you’re new to the human resources field, or maybe you’ve been working in HR for years but are ready to go out on your own. Whether you’re fueled by a passion to help small businesses or to be your own boss and forego corporate structure, whatever your why, we’ve got you.

Yes, You Need to Network

We know what you’re thinking… Do I have to network in HR? Is it even a viable option in this field? Our answer is a resounding yes!

If you’ve been a W2 employee working in an HR role for an established company, there’s a good chance you didn’t see the benefit of networking in the past and may have even hesitated to do so. But as a business owner, networking is vital and can lead you to clients, community, and resources like nothing else.

So it’s time to reframe your thoughts around networking and incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

As you move throughout your career you’ll find that people you’ve networked with in a previous role can become people you work with in your new role. It is hugely beneficial to have these established relationships as you’re moving within the HR sphere. Even if you’re just starting HR consulting work and your business isn’t yet off the ground, it’s never too early to start.

On the other hand, it’s also never too late to start reaping the rewards networking can bring.

HR Consulting Networking Opportunities:

People You Know

  • Reach out to other people you know in human resources. Find other people who do what you do and have the same challenges. It’s an immediate support system that you’re going to want and need as you build your business.

Join Your Local HR Chapter

  • While most HR groups aren’t pushing networking opportunities, we recommend checking out your local HR chapter. Local chapters often offer great networking opportunities through education.

Networking Through Service

  • We love the idea of service as a networking opportunity. There are great places where you can use your HR skills to give back while meeting other HR professionals and vendors who are doing the same.

SHRM Committees

  • SHRM has tons of opportunities to serve on committees within the SHRM network. This is a way to give back and also to connect with other HR professionals on a National level.

  • It’s a great place to start and get involved, especially if you’re not super comfortable with the idea of networking. Since you’ll be active on the committee, you naturally get to showcase your skillset to other HR professionals.

  • For more resources, and to check out some of the SHRM committees click here.

Chambers of Commerce

  • Usually geared more towards the business owner, your local Chamber of Commerce is another great place to meet other business professionals and network through service.


For more tips on where and how to network in HR, check out Episode 23 of the Quirky HR Podcast, where our founder Dana Dowdell does a deep dive into all things networking and HR.

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