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Dana Dowdell

Owner & HR Fanatic

What Do I Bring to the Table?

Boss Consulting was started with a passion to help others, a desire to be my own business owner and a crazy obsession with everything HR.

About Boss Consulting HR

Owner, Dana Dowdell wanted to serve small business owners, a community that doesn't always have the time or resources to stay up to date on employment law and HR compliance. In 2016 she started Boss Consulting HR. 

We consider ourselves people-people and work with our clients to create more positive people experiences. Through coaching, self-reflection and honest conversations, we help employers and employees manage their relationships more effectively all with HR laws in mind.

Meet The Team

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A (self-proclaimed) HR fanatic, Dana is not your typical HR consultant. Known for her fresh take on Human Resources and the small business, Dana is the founder and owner of Boss Consulting HR, an Expert Coach for HR professionals, and spearheads two different podcasts – Quirky HR & It’s Just Business.


But she couldn't stop there. A fierce advocate for mentorship, Dana is also a part-time professor at URI and ECSU teaching the next generation of HR experts.


It’s her mission to do away with stuffy by-the-book HR. And instead to tailor to clients’ actual HR needs, values, & culture. Most of what Dana does is from the ground up, and she’s no stranger to telling it like it is. Her approach to the realities of Human Resources is what sets her apart. The go-to expert source for everything HR in business, Dana is your gal. A refreshing perspective, infused with a lot of humor and a bit of profanity.

Dana, Owner and HR Fanatic

Allie is an HR Consultant at Boss Consulting HR. It is her expertise in workplace psychology, paired with a strategic approach to human resources, that makes Allie an HR asset to any small business. An advocate of the “new HR,” Allie knows that HR’s place is as a strategic arm of the company. One that prioritizes people as the assets they are. 


Her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and her background in nonprofit HR, make her the perfect addition to the Boss Consulting team. 


When she’s not out there fighting the good HR fight, Allie can be found penning her novel with her cats, Andromeda and Titan, by her side. Future Allie types away in her quaint colonial-style cottage. Until then, her healthy obsession with colonial architecture lives on as she and her husband search for their perfect home. Historic? A must. Inhabited by a neighborly ghost? Not a requirement, but it’s definitely preferred.  

You can check Allie out as a guest on the Quirky HR podcast.

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Allie, HR Consultant

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Annie is the real boss at Boss Consulting HR. She spends most of her time napping, chasing her best friend Moose around the house and maintaining her post for neighborhood watch.


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